Used Car Batteries Las Vegas

used car batteries las vegasIf you are looking to find used car batteries in Las Vegas, Nevada you will be surprised to know that there are quite a few places that do carry them. Used car batteries are available locally usually in most major cities and towns but sometimes they are hard to find. Before we advise you to go to this facility consider learning how you can recondition and recycle those used car batteries back to new condition or “new state”.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency 99% of all used car batteries batteries are recycled. Making them the most recycled consumer good in the United States.Nearly all vehicles on the road in the United States are powered by a lead battery and many electric vehicles contain lead batteries as well. At the end of their lives retailers package the spent batteries they received from customers like you and ship them to an EPA regulated facility called the smelter. Here the first step in the battery recycling process occurs. Once batteries arrive at the smelt they are taken to the receiving area to be processed. The batteries are removed from pallets and are inspected to ensure only lead batteries are entering the recycling system.

The best place to find used car batteries are local salvage yards. Below is are some local maps and businesses where you can find used car batteries in Las Vegas area. Get to know the owner or manager at the auto salvage yards as they sometimes will give you a discount if you buy used car batteries from their yard. You can really save the environment and save money by simply recycling the car battery yourself.

used car battery las vegas nevada

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