Used Car Batteries | Best Option When You Need to Save Money

used car batteries with jumper cablesSo maybe one day you find out you left your parking lights on or maybe your interior lights. You go inside to turn the key to try to start the car and nothing. It just dies down. Even though you may see some dash lights come on, you don't not have the ability to start the car. If you turn the key and the car is not cranking. 99 times out of 100 your battery is bad.

Your option at this point is to find someone to jump your car with jumper cables. After you get home and let the car battery rest overnight you get up in the morning you think the car will start and it does not start. Leaving those parking lights on finished it off now even though it gets charged up it won't hold a charge enough to function the car properly.


Used Car Batteries are The Best Option

We all know that new batteries are not cheap. A new battery starts about $100 and go up there to about $220 or so. The used batteries at the junkyard are actually about $25-$40. Reconditioned batteries are about $50-$70.Go to the junkyard and pull a battery. It will save you money in the long run.

At the salvage yard they will usually give you a 30-day warranty on used car batteries and a 90-day warranty for reconditioned batteries. If you do like I did and you went to the junkyard they had one that had the post where you needed to have it so it worked but it wasn't the right fit size so it didn't fit in your battery tray Locking System properly. Keep your receipt handy.


Used Car Batteries From the Salvage Yard

used car batteries at salvage yard

When you enter the salvage yard, normally they have a rack display two or 3 levels high with used car batteries. On one side you have the used batteries that they actually test and make sure that the battery is not damaged doesn't have any bad cells. The other battery rack has reconditioned batteries. Meaning that these batteries were damaged they send them to a battery rebuild facility. The rebuild facility opens the batteries replaces all the cells in the battery. Refills the battery and send them back to the salvage yard.

Those batteries may be as good as any new better that you ever buy. The used car batteries are tested and recharged so these used batteries do not have any bad cells. They're charged up real good. Now batteries if you don't abuse them they typically will not fail on you. You want to call a salvage yard first to make sure they the used car battery that fits your car.


Buying Used Car Battery Tips

Before buying a used car battery  check your car owner's manual to see what kind of battery is recommended. Find out what the minimum cold cranking amps you need as well as any other specs. On my vehicle I need 520 minimum cold cranking amps. This is the initial used car battery that I purchased. As you can see salvage yard markings on it. But it is a Walmart style EverStart battery 2-year free replacement. So the most important thing is that your positive and your negative are on the side that you need.

Many cars have different mount sides and types. Is your car battery mounted on the passenger side of the driver's side? Be sure to find out beforehand. Look for the same brand battery as you had before.Make sure you have the right group size as indicated below.


used car battery tips group size

Look at the number or fit number on the battery to determine if that battery will properly mount in your vehicle. Look at the numbers on the car battery below so they match or are close.


The cold cranking amps is 650 to at least a minimum and that's a different capacity thing so I purchased this battery 25 + $fees the battery cost me less than $30.The nice thing is with most battery you can see the month in the year that that battery was actually sold from the retail store. So this was a Walmart battery with a 2-year replacement warranty. It's only 2 months old so if I wanted to I could keep this battery. If something happens to it I can clean off their sticker take it to Walmart get a replacement.


used car battery mount


Make Sure your used car battery is properly secured. Put a strap around it or a small tie-down strap so that it doesn't bounce around and cause any sparks or fire. Take care of your battery and it will take care of your car. If you ride around overloaded with extra large poweramps, leaving your lights on, or listening to your radio with the car not running, is bad for the car battery.